• Trusted Coin Dealer to Buy & Sell Coins, Jewelry and More in the Edwardsville, Illinois Area

    Looking for a coin shop in your area? Find a local coin dealer that’s got a great reputation for honest service and an excellent selection. At Eagle Coin, Stamp & Jewelry, we offer an excellent inventory of collectible items that includes coins and more for those in Edwardsville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we understand the value of collections, and we treat them and you with respect. Additionally, we’ve got over 100 years of combined experience in our staff, which ensures that you’re getting advice from professionals. Contact us for an appraisal or stop by to browse our items – you’ll see why we’re the area’s most trusted coin dealer!

  • Coins Edwardsville, IL

    In the Edwardsville, IL area people know to go to Eagle for all their coin buying and selling needs. We're as passionate about this hobby as you are and offer a huge selection that includes rare coins, vintage coins, U.S. coins, foreign coins, foreign currency, gold and silver bullion and more. If you're looking to clear up some space and unload certain pieces or even your entire collection, we provide professional appraisals and are always on the lookout to add to our inventory. Bring in what you have or find a treasure you want at Eagle Coin!

  • Stamps Edwardsville, IL

    People in the Edwardsville, IL area know that we’re the place to go for all of their stamp buying and selling needs. Our inventory offers a great selection of stamps from various eras that include foreign stamps, U.S. stamps, and collectible stamps. We also offer stamp appraisals and buy individual pieces and entire collections as well. Bring in your current stamp book collection and clear some space for the new pieces you'll find in our shop. Stamp collecting is a popular and long-standing hobby and Eagle Coin, Stamp, & Jewelry is here to for new and old collectors!

  • Jewelry Edwardsville, IL

    Eagle Coin also offers a wide assortment of jewelry, too. We buy and sell various pieces of jewelry including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, and much more. Have you stumbled across an old box of grandma's jewels and don't know what to do with it? Bring it in to our experts for a professional appraisal and we'll see is there are any pieces we want to buy. Additionally, we also provide jewelry repair, watch battery replacement and custom jewelry services to keep the jewelry you love in great condition for years to come. Stop by our shop and find some bright, new embellishments today!

  • Sports Memorabilia Edwardsville, IL

    Want to get behind your favorite sports team but don't know where to turn for unique, vintage, or otherwise interesting collectibles to put on your mantel? In the Edwardsville, IL area, sports fanatics come to us when they want sports memorabilia. We offer an excellent selection that includes jerseys, hats, balls, bats, sticks, pucks, trading cards and much more. We also provide appraisal and buy items that are vintage or autographed! Clear out some of your current collection to make room for all the great items you'll find in our showroom!

  • Metal Detectors Edwardsville, IL

    Looking to find the value that’s underneath your feet? Want to start a hobby that gets you some fresh air while possibly turning a profit? Visit us for new metal detectors from White’s and a great selection of metal detector supplies. Whether you've been metal detecting for years or are just starting out now, don't start your search until you've stocked up at our shop. Every metal detector we sell comes with a 2-year warranty, too, so you won't have to worry about missing out on valuable treasure because of equipment failure. Find your own collectibles with quality metal detectors from Eagle Coin, Stamp, & Jewelry!

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